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About Us

Our mission is to enable companies to leverage
their data in a smarter and efficient way

The optimization of network operation is vital for Telcos. It can be achieved by utilizing their untapped pool
of data coming from various sources across the business. Over the years the Telcos have seen their revenue slowly
growing while their costs have increased dramatically with the introduction of new wireless technologies.

We come from the Telecoms industry with 40+ years combined experience and we see that
Telcos are transforming themselves into Data forward organizations which invest resources to unlock business value 
from data to build strategies and make business decisions around data insights.

Thanks to our AI and ML capabilities, our solutions allow Mobile Network Operators to take
profitable data driven decisions to uncover new revenue opportunities and exceed their customers’ expectations.
Lean-Link transforms data into actionable insights.​

Our Products

The actionable data insights delivered by our products will help you stay on top of your network in an easy and automated way.

Data Analytics Intelligence

We provide provide smart and automated analytics solution to help our customers extract maximum value out of their data. Our Cloud base solution enables any telcos to improve their customer experience, find new revenue streams and improve their connectivity. Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, Lean-Link can potentially help achieve a profitable management of any complex telcos’ ecosystem.

Radio Monitoring

Get a seamless, automated and easy view of your spectrum. The data collection is done through our probes which monitor the spectrum in an automated way 24/7 and assess the status of the network over the air. A simple web site provides remote access to all the monitoring devices while a powerful web engine highlights the potential problems and displays the measurements in real time.

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Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

Regulatory bodies

Through the available spectrum, the telecommunication agencies must control how the scarce resource is effectively utilized to provide the available added value to the users


Dedicated networks are a hot topic and it is critical that the available allocated frequency enables the needed communication


Delivering top quality services and uncover new revenue streams is vital for Telcos today. Leveraging the data available across the business will help achieve this new paradigm.

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