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96% of the CIOs leaders say that Scaling AI and machine learning use cases to create business value is the top priority.

Currently we are in the era of Data and every company has a new asset ready to exploit, the data. The data that a company produces within its normal operation has a big potential to be exploited, however raw data does not have a value by itself until it is transformed into information that can generate insights that will drive decisions.

Modern companies generate a big amount of data coming from different sources such as: support cases, billing, internal procurement information, internal processed data, and many others.

That data has to be curated and stored in datasets that can be comparable so the data can be used across the whole organization.

In order to derive insights from that data the characteristics of the data analytics platform has to fulfil are the following:

  • Fast in ingestion so that the data is available without delay
  • Scalable in a way that enables increases in data and also extending to new use cases
  • Reliable to allow a problem free operation
  • Powerful to enable big amounts of data to be processed in a distributed manner to synchronize with several sources of information
  • Intelligent to transform automatically from complex data to human comprehensible information and insights through Machine Learning technologies
  • Actionable and automated to enable the data to work by itself
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A new approach to data management

Previously in the organizations we have people who control the data coming from different sources in a non organized way to control that tasks and processes follow the acceptable standards. But with the new technologies and the increasing storage of data by the organizations, it is highly inefficient to have highly skilled people simply controlling data. The new paradigm of the new industrial revolution lays on the high availability of data and the new technologies that can extract all the needed inputs in order to maintain the organization working.

The organization creates data , that data is monitored by systems that can monitor and interpret that data and maintains the living organization operational. The people, the employees can focus their skills in creating new revenues for the company.

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And organization that is intelligent uses all the available data to streamline the internal processes and automates tasks, the benefits of those new intelligent organizations are:

  • OPEX reduction by automating processes
  • Reduce errors by applying task orchestration
  • Increase value of the company to concentrate to focus employees in added value activities
  • Empower employee motivation by reducing monotonous tasks and enabling creativity
  • Increase the internal process speed by using Analytics
  • Boosting internal synergies by enabling data to flow across different departments

Increase the company flexibility to deal with dynamic and environments with a wide use of Machine Learning

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Use cases

Process streamlining

In mobile operators, as in many other industries, there are a lot of processes. The processes assure a high control of quality and coherency, however strict processes can require a lot of manual work and control. In Lean-Link we make it possible to streamline processes with Machine Learning

Asset Management

In mobile operators, it is complicated to get the overview of all the assets in the network and their relationships, occupation and others. Lean-Link provides tools to get at a glimpse all the information of your network and identify problems using Artificial Intelligence

Automatic ticket management

The interaction with the customers is critical and delivering a high quality response is critical. The key is to provide high quality personal when it really matters. Lean-Link provides tools that automatize the processes so the engineers can concentrate in more complex tasks

Configuration evaluation

All the network devices in a network are complicated and there are different configurations to fulfil different needs. The configuration changes may happen in a dynamic way and Lean-Link provides with a centralized platform to identify automatically inefficiencies

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