About Us

Making network monitoring easy for everyone

Our goal is to provide anybody with easy ways to stay on top of the networks

Since more than 20 years, we have the challenge of managing our customers’ networks. We know how frustrating and complicated it can be, that’s why we want to make it easy!

We come from the technical RF market with more than 40+ years combined experience and we see that the available solutions are too complex, too adapted for engineers and they forget people and how to solve problems.

Our solutions enable people without advanced technical knowledge to get everything that they need about their networks. While RF engineers need to be on top of every detail, network users and administrators rather need quick answers and guidance.

Making network monitoring easy for everyone

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Years of Experience

Through our extensive experience, we have created a strong and comprehensive portfolio that can achieve your network managing goals efficiently

Our Vision

We have a vision of creating a solution where the people are the main objective. And the goal is to develop efficient and user friendly solutions that quickly solve problems that people have

Our Goals

We want to deliver solutions that are user friendly, effective and can be operated by anyone. We are innovative and we aim to deliver new solutions for old problems. And we know that reliability is a key factor in network management. We ensure a distributed and flexible platform that adapts to our customer needs.

We want to be your partner to stay on top of your network and communication needs

Contact us, we are the communication experts!