Radio Products

Small form factor and optimized for measuring different frequencies

Spectrum Monitoring Probe

The network availability should be where your users are, but It is difficult and expensive to measure in many different locations.

Our SMP with a very small form factor can be placed in every location. Also the probe can measure in all the available frequencies. The SMP is also low power consumption and can measure 24/7 over long period of time.

Control the fleet of devices in an uncomplicated way

Centralized web
configuration tool

With a wide number of devices distributed across the network, it is difficult to have an overview and control what every device is doing

The web configuration platform will show where every device is located and will enable to set up every device in the way in which you want and in an instantaneous way.

Get insights from your devices at a glance

Web insights from your fleet

There are a lot of available devices, and the network is very complicated. Having a dedicated person checking the system is extremely inefficient.

The Insights Analytics Platform gets the information what you need when you need it. The intelligent centralized platform takes the information and it will point you to the issues in an automatic and intuitive way

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Use cases

Interference detection

Through the spectrum there are many useful services and applications ongoing, and it is critical to ensure that they are carried without interruptions. Lean-Link easy solutions will help you to detect interferers and keep your spectrum clean.

Real Time Monitoring

The spectrum and everything that happens over the air, is alive, at every single minute of the day, something new can occur, and that may disturb any service that requires OTA transmission. Lean-Link provides tools to be aware of the spectrum 24/7 and receive easy alerts to monitor the network.

Remote Spectrum Management

Controlling the spectrum and what is happening in it it is a complicated task that often requires to send engineers onsite to inspect the area. Lean-Link solutions help you to stay on top of the spectrum remotely and have an overview of your network from anywhere.

Spectrum Occupancy

In the whole spectrum there are plenty of allocated services and applications, however getting an overview of what is used where and how much is very complicated. Lean-Link provides an easy setup to understand how the spectrum is effectively utilized.

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