Radio Solutions

Making easy network monitoring for everyone

A solution that gives the network overview without technical complications

Understand and manage networks is a very complicate task, that is why you need solutions that make it simpler

While available solutions in the market are complicated and require a complex infrastructure, lean-link provides you an easy solution that yet enables all the most advanced functionalities.

Our sensors can be placed in critical locations to monitor the spectrum performance at every moment. Those sensors can be connected to the network, and with that, the centralized server can provide the control and analysis features that you need to control them.

We provide systems to our customers that instead or requiring dedication, need to work for our customers and deliver the required added value

Ease of use

Just place the sensors in your network, connect them, and then you can manage everything through the central server. The user can just browse to the central server, and through it do the whole configuration. Nothing else to install, no need to monitor the system, in a self healing environment.


The probes can measure all the available frequencies and just in seconds different profiles can be set up. Once the system is running, either access the dashboard where you can access live information, but also receive alerts and insights through a Machine Learning platform that works for you.

A system that works for you and delivers the task in a powerful way without requiring full dedication

If you are interested in a white paper on how we can help you to detect fraud in mobile networks and SimBox, click here!