Analytics Solutions

Machine Learning tools to help operations to be more efficient and effective

Enable the data to work for you. Lean-Link provides solutions that automatize the operational processes

Huge volumes of data are available now in mobile operators, however it is complicated to handle such large amounts

The data currently in most of the operators is lying around however that data has a great potential to automate tasks and improve the quality of the deliverables.

Lean-Link provides solutions that make easier for operators to use that data in a simple way to create incidents automatically, detect cell changes or manage the network assets. The key is in the knowledge to work with the data.

Our Data Analytics systems are targeted to solve customer issues and provide added value

Increase operational efficiency

Lean-Link provides systems to perform process automation and they leverage the available data to perform tasks that normally consume highly skilled resources to do repetitive tasks. Let the data work for you and reduce up to 40% the operational costs

Automation and reliability

The processes and steps which are manually performed have the problems that are slow and error prone. Lean-Link solutions automate the processes so the solution of the problem is proposed immediately and in a repetitive and reliable manner

A system that uses the data to take business decisions based on a Artificial Intelligence technology

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